Hands on Science at Salby Lane school in Redwood City, CA

On March 20th at Salby Lane school ( in Redwood city CA), we had a  hands on  Exploration of the Magnets, Electricity and Plants. With 15 volunteers of all ages and background, kids had a blast with SCIENCE.

Over 150 low income students participated and had fun.  This is what the PTA head said:
” Thank you for sharing your passion with our Selby Lane families and students! We all had a great time learning about science. I have attached more pictures where you can see how happy and engaged our students were with your “games”.
You were a big hit with our parents and students, they were bragging about what they learned from you the rest of the week.
Many thanks once again. I look forward to seeing you all soon! ” 


Turning  a nail into Electromagnet

Turning a nail into Electromagnet

 3-20-2013 3-22-18 PM

Lavitating Pencils and Balloon

 3-20-2013 3-44-15 PM

Volunteers of ALL ages and Background


Making an Electric Motor

simple motor 3-20-2013 2-16-56 PM static electricity 3-20-2013 1-59-38 PM P1010826 P1010827 P1010829 P1010830 P1010832 P1010835 P1010837 P1010839 P1010840 P1010841 P1010843 P1010844 P1010845 P1010847 P1010853

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