Reasons why we go to the science fairs


These are just few examples of why we work with Explorabox: 

Young volunteers  learning and explaining sciences to kids and parents alike

small things

A young Volunteer explaining “Eddy Currents” to adults

Eddy Currents

A young volunteer setting up Gauss Cannon with the help of other volunteers

Gauss Cannon


We overheard a Dad saying, ” We cannot afford it, I do not have a job” but the kid really wanted the Magnetism Box. We tracked the Dad down and gifted them the Magnetism box. The Dad came back, almost in tears….this makes it all worthwhile.

Kid was brought to our science fair by his neighbor, and was mesmerized by our microscopes but kept saying he couldn’t afford one. The neighbor ended up gifting him one of our boxes for his birthday. His response: “You got me a MICROSCOPE!? yaaaay!”.

Two young girls were hugging the Exlporabxes and the mom was standing by  ( seemingly) frustrated. I walked over to find out, the girls wanted the Exploraboxes and mom thought she could not afford them. We gave them the boxes for whatever mom could afford. Later, mom founds us to tell us that she will be happy to do free advertisement for us ( she is a talk show host)…..


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