Watsonville Day in the Sky Event

A special Shared Adventures Day was held for children with disabilities at Watsonville Airport and we were grateful to have attended. An estimated 1,500 people to the airport to enjoy the day, check out the airplanes, and visit various booths. We were there and were one of the busiest booths! Many, many kids and parents came to check out the various science demonstrations (from our exploraboxes) and Keith’s puzzle.

We also had an angry birds game, which ended up being a huge success. We basically built a sling-shot to shoot plush angry birds at a target structure. The kids recorded their shooting angle and force (using a poster) and marked whether they hit or missed the target.
We will be refining this game for the maker faire and collect more data! Using this information we can describe the physics of the angry birds slingshot, which will be explained in our next blog entry.
Hope to see many of our followers, friends, and family at the Maker Faire (May 21-22)!
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